Goal of the Blog

I am a SAHM of a beautiful 18 month old boy. I decided to start this blog because I felt the pressure when I was pregnant to put my child in daycare and go to work. I realized how our society doesn’t value mothers at home. I wanted to offer support to other mothers who also want to stay home.

Babies are born with the expectation to be with mommy. It is crucial for their development to be provided constant love and security for at least their first two years of life. However, the norm in our society is to give birth and let “the professionals” take care of our kids while we go to work. It saddens me that we think we don’t have a choice. Life is expensive and we need money to live. But children desperately need to be with their primary caregiver. If kids could speak up, they would say that they don’t want to be in daycare but prefer and need to be at home with mommy.

I always get surprised looks when I say that I am a SAHM. I am often told “I wish I could afford to stay home”. The truth is that many families in our financial situation would think that mommy has to work. Therefore, I know that if we can make it, others can too. I am certain there are situations that there is no choice but to put children in daycare. But I am talking about the families that have to make few adjustments in their life so mommy can stay home. In fact, I always had a car and loved the freedom that comes with it. But today we only have one car that my husband uses to go to work. Also, we used to enjoy going to restaurants and movies. Today, it is a rare treat. Finally, I love travelling but it’s not something we are considering anytime soon. It sounds miserable but it’s not. I feel more fulfilled than I ever did. However, this might be scary to some since there are few examples to inspire us. This blog is here to inspire you.

I call it lost motherhood because I truly believe that a good part of motherhood has been lost. My baby needs me constantly. He is used to me being with him all the time and I am used to him being with me all the time. I miss him terribly if I leave him with daddy for an hour. I miss him when he sleeps for too long! I can’t help but feel some of that is lost when mommy and baby are separated for long hours several days a week.

We pressure ourselves to do it all. We want the career, the kids and a perfect marriage. Can we really have it all? I can’t help but feel that kids pay the price when mom is career oriented.

The goal of this blog is to create awareness on the importance of SAHM for the future of our children. My intent is not to make working mothers feel guilty. I think mothers deal with enough guilt already. I simply want to bring back the norm of SAHM. It shouldn’t be an anomaly! Kids are only little for a short period of time. Let’s not miss out on the first step, the first word. Let’s take back motherhood, the most important job of all. I am here to inspire you to become a SAHM.


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