Dear son, I love you

Dear son,

I love being your mommy

I love playing with you every morning before getting off the bed

I love the way you enjoy the meals I made for you

I love giving you many kisses and tell you many “I love you”

I love the hugs and kisses you give me

I love when you play hide with me

I love when you run and I chase you around the house for fun

I love your laugh…. it’s the most beautiful sound

I love when you act silly and try to make me laugh

I love when I cook and you play with the pots and pans around me

I love when we clean and do laundry together

I love being here when you need comforting

I love that kissing your “ouchie” makes you feel better

I love when you wake up smiling from your naps and cuddle with me

I love when you talk to me and try to express yourself

I love that you need me when you feel unsecure

I love that you want to please me

I love that I am the most important person in your life

I love you

and I love being with you everyday…




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